The Start of My Journey

It wasn’t long ago when I sometimes would feel overwhelmed with daily life. Wait a minute…did I just say sometimes?! LOL. While I knew there were most likely a bazillion things I could be doing to help me not feel overwhelmed, all of the things I could think about quite frankly, overwhelmed me. Funny how that happens. I kept seeking for a way to be that better version of myself I felt I just didn’t have the time to become. And that’s when I actually was blessed with not having to seek anymore. I didn’t have to go searching, I actually just had to connect.  I feel that God opened my eyes and brought an incredible opportunity into my life at a time when I was ready to jump in.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. - Psalm 32:8

Life is something that passes by too quickly.  It’s never more obvious than once children are a part of your life.  They grow so fast and we have to adapt and constantly change, and that can be very overwhelming.  I also had no energy.  I would fall asleep at 7 o’clock in my daughter’s bed, leaving my poor husband alone for the rest of the night.  How much longer was this going to go on?  I was feeling extremely anxious, that I just couldn’t keep up or even handle the most mundane tasks.

This wasn’t necessarily an odd anxiousness that I felt was abnormal, because I’ve felt that before. About six months after having my daughter I decided get back on birth-control and opted for the mini-pill, it’s low-dose of progesterone makes it safe for nursing. I quickly began to feel extremely anxious and almost like I was numb at the same time. I knew whatever it was wasn’t normal and that I needed to figure it out fast because I couldn’t continue down that path. Luckily I was able to discontinue it easily and the doctor confirmed my levels were off, so that was the best option for me. While I remember feeling that type of anxiousness, the type that gripped my about a few months ago was not so dramatic. It actually felt like it was somewhat natural and I was left wondering if this was what motherhood had become. Did all moms feel like this? Was it fair for me, my husband, or my daughter? I knew I needed to make a change and the only one that could do that was me!

The comfort that I turned to was a constant that had always been there. Though I might not have given myself over to it for years, nor did I take the time to contribute to the relationship that it so deserved, it was there…waiting. When I reached out to Jesus and began to reconnect with him I began to find that peace again. A centering energy that helped me to open my eyes to life’s possibilities. I think that was the first step – the biggest step. What came after was something I didn’t even have to search for. The chance to change came to me, and all I had to do was reach out…again.

My friend and design partner in crime from college is an awesome woman and is grounded in faith, a wife, and a great mommy to her 3 kiddos.  I often would see her posts about what craziness she was up to for the day with the kids and wondered how insane life with 3 littles must be.  She of course would post about the crazy days but then she actually started to post more about overcoming those crazy days and how she had a renewed sense of self that she was grateful to have.  That new vitality came from what she called her “Pink Drink”.  Okay, well we all know how that goes…”What is she selling?”  Well, to be honest, she never had to “sell” me on anything.  I thought to myself that it was worth it to me try something that might help me be a better wife, mom and self, and if it didn’t work out then no worries. Isn’t that the saying, “It doesn’t hurt to try.”

I reached out to her and tried the Plexus Slim 7-day trial, and within those first 3 days I felt…well…better.  No more coffee cravings, blood sugar highs and lows, hangry mood swings or Mommy Dearest moments.  I felt so much better!  So much so that I felt that I couldn’t let 7 days be the end.  But wait.  I wasn’t ready to fully commit, I mean, I didn’t want to sign up into another MLM scheme and be one of the “those people”…so I bought the Slim at retail. RETAIL people!  I know, I’m crazy.  Anyways, that was the last time.  Now it’s part of my (and Hubby’s) daily routine, along with many other amazing Plexus products.  And while we are still in the beginnings of this journey, I am excited about how much better we feel.

And while the way I feel both physically and mentally is my constant reminder, it is due to an internal transformation that is built on a happy and healthy gut that feeds my body, hormones, defends against ailments and ultimately improves my emotions and makes me so passionate about the products.  By making myself HEALTHIER I’ve actually been able to make myself HAPPIER.

What I’ve come to realize is that this journey is not just for me.  I’m here on this path to help others.  Some may be like me, a mom that is tired and wants to be happier and healthier for herself and her family.  Some may be looking for something else, maybe they have health issues, maybe they are looking for a new income opportunity that can help them contribute or support financially.  Whatever the path is I hope I can help those get there.  I’m so happy you’re here reading this and I’m excited to share in this journey with you in becoming our better selves.


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