My Happiness Journey

Hello, I’m Nicole! It wasn’t long ago when I sometimes would feel overwhelmed with daily life. Wait a minute…did I just say sometimes?! LOL.

While I knew there were most likely a bazillion things I could be doing to help me not feel overwhelmed, all of the things I could think about quite frankly, overwhelmed me. Funny how that happens. I kept seeking for a way to be that better version of myself and I felt I just didn’t have the time, the tools, the resources to become that better me.  Then one day I actually was blessed with not having to seek anymore. I didn’t have to go searching endlessly on the internet, or browse hundreds of resource pages.  If you’re anything like me (a researcher) you quickly find yourself going down the rabbit whole that leads down one path, then another, and another.

I’ve actually been obsessed with gut health for years.  It all started when I had my daughter. As a parent you start looking for the best ways to help nourish them and help them grow. I knew health was important and I had hours, upon hours of time invested in research. Diets, supplements, gut bacteria, food dyes, holistic wellness, hope for recurring rashes for my kiddo, sugar sensitivities, attention issues…basically I kept leading myself down the rabbit hole, only to come up with more questions and more supposed solutions. The more I researched the more I kept coming back to Gut Health and Balance.

Hello…are you still there? Ya, I said Gut Health. Sounds a little crunchy granola-ish, I know. But guess what? You can’t ignore the science that is tying our microbiome to things like weight, mood, stress, tummy problems, bloating, inflammation. Even recurring health issues including headaches, rashes and skin problems, hormone imbalances and more. The connection is there and it can be daunting trying to navigate.

That’s why SIMPLE is what I’m all about. For me it’s not going work if it’s complicated and takes tons of time. I’m a wife, mom and entrepreneur that has passions and dreams… time is limited.

Now that you have a bit of a backstory let’s circle around to why I didn’t have to search anymore.  It turns out all I actually had to do was just connect and take a leap of faith and trust a friend.  I took an opportunity and jumped in.  I started with 2 minutes a day.  YES!  Two minutes.  And it doesn’t get any simpler than that.  I feel beyond blessed that I opened my eyes and trusted.

It’s not by chance you wound up here. You’re probably looking, just like I was, for an answer – but aren’t quite sure to what.

That’s why I’m here sharing my journey in hopes that someone out there will find the hope in simple health like I did.  My passion is to help simplify health, get to the root, balance lifestyle and life, and deal out hope.  I’m so thankful you’re here and I know you are going to find amazing tools and support to complement and enhance your life. Wherever you are on your journey and whatever your lifestyle, a healthy and simplified routine that fits you is possible.

Gut Health tools aren’t the only thing I rely on. I love tools that are natural, get to the root and can work into my life with results.

A Happy Heart Makes the Face Cheerful. - Proverbs 15:13

Life is something that passes by too quickly. It’s never more obvious then once children are a part of your life. They grow so fast and we have to adapt and constantly change, and that can be very overwhelming. I was feeling that way, that I just couldn’t keep up, and when the chance to change that came to me, I reached out.

I’d love to connect with you on my journey and learn a little more about you.